Acts 20:13-38 | Living for God

Paul is in a hurry to get to Jerusalem. He wants to see his friends from the Ephesian church so he sends for the elders to come to him for one last meeting. Paul made two very focused points in his conversation with them, 1) he dedicated his life to deliver to them the whole council of God; and 2) wolves are coming to pervert and divide the church. This week we look at what drives Paul in his mission. Next week we'll be learning more about these wolves he warns of.

Acts 20:7-12 | Dead in Sin. Alive in Christ.

The church is gathered. Paul is preaching into the night. Lamps are burning throughout the room. It is then we see a young man named Eutychus fall three stories to his death... until he is given life. It is this tangible miracle that points us to the true work of God in Christ in bringing us from eternal death to eternal life. It is in this newness of life that we rejoice as the church. It is because we are loved by God that we go out into all the world.

Acts 20:1-6 | Open Doors

Open doors. As Christians we're regularly looking for them and frequently talking about them in ministry. In today's passage we look at an opportunity that Paul had and wanted. The Lord opened a door for him... and he left. He didn't take the path that seemed clear and right. We can learn from this story of Paul's and, importantly, how to apply them to real ministry and purpose, rather than just seeing abstract doors in our imagination and only talking about them in theory.

Acts 19:21-41 | Two Masters. The futility in serving money.

In last weeks passage we saw newer believers hold money in low regard in light of their new lives in Christ. The church was purified and the name of Jesus honored. In today's passage we see the opposite. Money is held in high regard and the gospel is rejected, leading to chaos and foolish behavior and reasoning. This is what it looks like to serve money.

Acts 19:1-10 | Tongues, Prophecy, and receiving the Holy Spirit

Beginning in Acts chapter 19 we see formerly visited topics come back into focus that need careful examination. What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? How do you receive the Holy Spirit? Is speaking in tongues a gift we see in the church today? Does the Holy Spirit come through the laying on of hands? These are some of the questions we ask as we look to the Scriptures for answers to these important questions.

Acts 18:24-28 | Misapplying Scripture & Spirit Empowered Boldness

Priscilla and Aquila explain a more complete narrative of the work of God in the Persons of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Many use examples of passages like these to promote a change in the normative and consistent teaching throughout all of Scripture relating to the distinct roles of men and women. We start off with addressing this prooftext and then move to the plainly taught truth in this passage... Spirit empowered boldness.

Acts 18.18-23 | Lord Willing

"If God wills" (thelo). It is both a trendy Christian saying but also one many faithful Christians use and believe on a daily bases. The simple word carries a great deal of weight when used in reference to God's will. In Acts 18.18-23 we see Paul tell the Jews in Ephesus that he will return to them if God wills. We dig deeper into this verse, and the rest of the passage, and explore what it is to live according to the will of God.

Acts 18 12-17 | Loving like Jesus. Living with purpose.

How should we be living? What should we be doing? Whether it be the mundane work in our daily jobs or weekend efforts of helping the needy among us. Does God give us direction on how we should live our lives? Let's look past the WWJD bracelets and well-intentioned compassion ministries and bring it back to the Bible to find the answer. 

Acts 17:10-15 | Examine The Scriptures

Paul and Silas are in Berea, once again proclaiming the gospel. The men are met with a different group of Jews than those in Thessalonica. Rather than quickly rejecting the mens claims and seeking to do them harm, they instead put a lot of labor into searching through the Scriptures to validate their claims. As a result, many of the Berean Jews received the Lord Jesus as their promised savior.

Acts 17:1-9 | Proving Jesus From The Old Testament

All of Scripture points to Jesus. From Genesis to Revelation, stories, characters, and prophecies... it is all a shadow cast by Jesus, the Christ. This week we take a look at Paul reasoning with a synagogue full of Jews and Greeks to prove Jesus is the Christ and that he must suffer. He did this using the Scriptures... the writings from the Law of Moses, the Psalms, and the Prophets (which we commonly refer to in our day as the Old Testament). Today we look at what it is like to prove Jesus from the Old Testament.

Acts 16:35-40 | No Authority But God

It is under God's exclusive authority in which anyone is permitted to act or rule, be it civil governments to local churches to parents and us as individuals. Any attempt to subvert or ignore God's law is welcoming His righteous judgement and should be corrected. With this truth in focus, we as a church recognize that our mission doesn't change (though the world constantly wavers around us). We are proclaimers of the Gospel, ambassadors of Christ, advocates for the weak and a voice of reason to the strong... we are God's mouthpiece to the world until Jesus returns.

Acts 16:25-35 | Saved By Faith Alone

In today's passage we see a very common and very critical question asked by a man, "What must I do to be saved?". Despite having multiple instances of this question asked and answered, it is still debated today. Today's passage reveals the importance of adhering to the doctrine of salvation by faith alone (Sola Fide). Since the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, people have been trying to add to the work Jesus finished on the cross. Listen to the message to be reassured of Jesus' pursuit of his flock through the person of the Holy Spirit and praise him for his grace.