Elders and Deacons

As the Lord brings growth to the church, he will eventually raise up other elders qualified to serve as overseers over the flock. Deacons will be appointed, as needed, to aid in some of the service related needs so the elders can focus on teaching and shepherding.

Current vs. Future Church Structure

We are a new church! In God's Kingdom things are spoken of growing from something seemingly insignificant and small to something glorious and huge. That's our prayer for Douglas Church... not that we simply acquire a high quantity of people, but that we have massive Kingdom impact! With that being said, the leadership structure is currently made up of one man, the church planter/pastor Ken Duffy (learn more below). It'll take some time to see new believers raised up and trained to be future pastor/elders and deacons but we're confident it'll happen. The long-term goal is a plurality of ruling elders sacrificially serving to care for and nurture the members of the church.

Ken Duffy (view profile)

Ken is employed full time while also serving full time as the elder/pastor of Douglas Church. He is passionate about serving and loving Jesus and equipping people to do the same.

The Lord has given me a passion for the beauty of the Bride of Christ, whom he ransomed with his blood on the cross at calvary.
— Ken Duffy

Ken has been a serious student of the Bible for over 10 years. He firmly stands on the doctrines of the sufficiency and inerrancy of the Bible.

Ken is the father of 5 children, who are all homeschooled, and has been married to his one and only bride, Cathy, for over 13 years. Ken is a committed husband and dad. He is a strong advocate for the family, helping equip fathers and families. (Learn more)

Douglas Church is shepherded by God-appointed elders that meet the biblical qualifications as found in the Scriptures (the role of elder is viewed the same as other references in the Bible, such as pastor, bishop, overseer, and shepherd). This is commonly referred to as elder rule. Ruling elders have equal authority as it refers to interpreting doctrines, leading, teaching, financial decisions of the church and shepherding the flock.

Being a new church in Douglas, Arizona, Douglas Church currently has one elder. Our prayer is that God will bring other godly and qualified men to serve alongside him to lead the church in Douglas.