Douglas Church

Building Fund

We are an Evangelical and Reformed church plant in the small city of Douglas, Arizona, bordering Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. For over a year we have been meeting in a home in town. Going forward we believe a building would be a great tool to reach more people, provide more room for the church to gather, as well as to be a local, physical beacon of light to the suffering needing Jesus Christ in this town.

The first year of planting in the city of Douglas has had an abundance of challenges, as well as incalculable blessings. The Lord has made clear to me that we are to dig our roots deep into this city; proclaiming the gospel, seeing lives made new, and seeing the church grow into a beautiful bride to the glory of Christ. We’re here for the long haul...
— Ken Duffy, Pastor/Church Planter

Below you will find three ways to help.



We take prayer very seriously. What an incredible blessing it is to be able to speak directly to God... and him hear us! Without God, there is no hope in anything. With God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26)! Pray with us that the work and deception of Satan is rejected and overcome and that the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ pierce through the dead, hopeless lives of this land and are made new. Our focus is central to making disciples in Douglas and teaching them how to faithfully obey Jesus. In this moment of our work, pray with us that God provide us a building for worship, counseling, Bible studies, and more.

Can we have your name? We'd like to pray for you too!
How are you praying for Douglas Church?

One-Time Gift

The majority of the upfront costs and burden of securing a building is going to be joyfully taken upon the shoulders of the assembly that is Douglas Church.  With that said, it is a big burden and we are a small low-income community! We want to purchase and pay off our building fast so that the majority of our regular funds can go to other critical areas of need, both tangible needs of believers and the community as well as the much needed training, development and resources of the church. Your one-time financial gift of any size will go a long way here. Any donations made from this page will go to the purchase and/or payments for our building. Any excess will go to maintenance and updating of the building. Thank you for your gift!

You can give by text quickly by sending any amount + "building" to 84321 (ex: $50 building). Look up Douglas Church from the link provided. Click here to start the text or click the button below to give online.


Recurring Gift

Smaller, regular gifts provide a great blessing to us! More than you can imagine! The dollar goes much further here than in many cities throughout the country. With a median household income of $26,000, residents here live frugal lives. Recurring gifts made from this page will initially go to helping make the monthly payments for the property and eventually (Lord willing) paying off the building in a few years. Even the smallest of recurring gifts made here will go a long way and are greatly appreciated! 

With this option please remember to slide the button to "Setup Automated Giving?"

Other ways to give

Send cash or check/money order made out to "Douglas Church" to:

Douglas Church
952 E 13th Street
Douglas, AZ 85607

Include a note or write in the memo "building fund", to designate your donation. Also provide an email address if you would like a receipt for your donation. 

Call in your donation:

That's right. If you don't want to use the computer or snail mail to make your donation... give us a call and we'll take your credit/debit card info over the phone! Call us anytime at 520-369-5100.

Donations made to Douglas Church are tax deductible. For more information read more here.