The simple breakdown...

Douglas Church is a new house church in the city of Douglas, Arizona. We are committed to the faithful teaching of the Bible and it’s sufficiency for all areas of life for the glory of Christ and the joy of all peoples.

Love God, love neighbor. The Christian community is important! We unite together with the common interest of pursuing Jesus with all of our being.


When and how we meet...

On Sunday’s we meet for the gathering of the entire church around 12:00 pm. We believe church is more than preaching (though very important). We have coffee, juice and some type of pastries for about half an hour or so. After that we worship through singing, an elder-led sermon, prayer, and the Lord’s supper (not necessarily in that order). People typically hang around and chat for a while afterward… there’s no hurry to leave!


Music and Dress...


We’re pretty casual here… however, we recognize that the gathering of the church to worship God is a very important and wonderful time before the Lord! With that being said, we encourage you to wear what you feel comfortable wearing in a way that honors and reveres Jesus. There’s no simple description of what that looks like. It may be jeans and a tee shirt or a suite or a dress… We encourage a genuine heart worship, not an external show.


Our music can be considered contemporary. We sing the classics hymns and also the new contemporary songs many hear on popular Christian radio stations. The music is typically led by acoustic guitar and a cajon (box drum).


What we believe and teach?

We're Reformed...

We are rooted in the Reformed Tradition. The term Reformed basically means "to be shaped or formed as before." We call ourselves Reformed because Douglas Church is rooted in the Protestant Reformation. In the sixteenth century, many believers protested against false teachings in the church and returned to the true gospel under the leadership of Reformers such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Calvin. The term "Reformed" was associated primarily with Calvin's work in the church of Geneva, but all Protestant Reformers held certain cardinal views in common.

We're Nondenominational...

We realize there are many churches out there and many faithful denominations. Though we take theology seriously, we aren’t a part of any particular denomination. We are clear and straightforward on our doctrinal positions. In practice we align closely with Reformed Baptists. You can get a good idea church doctrines by reading our bylaws (a fancy word for how we're structured). In short that means we believe and do what we see taught in the Bible with the purpose of everything being to exalt the name of Jesus Christ and to enjoy him forever. We live to love Jesus and proclaim His glory.


We're Elder Rule...

Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.
— 1 Timothy 5:17

The church governing body is elder rule (1 Timothy 5:17). We believe the Holy Spirit is the one who gifts and appoints elders for the purpose of oversight in the local church. We use the term elder/pastor/overseer interchangeably.



Out of conviction for the independence from control and oversight of the state, the Douglas Church is not incorporated.

Donations to Douglas Church are tax deductible (learn more).